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     Trevor-Martin Corporation (TMC) was formed in 1990 by John Trevor and John Martin Borzoni. The father and son team decided to start a business that looked for niche products in which they could excel in manufacturing and selling. The privately held company started out by acquiring a small OEM manufacturer called American Energy Products. In 1997, TMC acquired its next closest competitor, American Equipment Systems. Then in 1999, the company acquired its next viable competitor, ECU.

     TMC manufactures energy conscious products for the heating and air conditioning industry. The "bread and butter" product line is called a Heat Recovery Unit (HRU). HRU's are hooked up to both your air conditioner and water heater; they recover the waste heat from your air conditioner and transfer it to the water in the water heater. It turns hot air into hot water. This product enables you to get free hot water while your air conditioner runs, cutting the monthly cost of heating your water for showers, laundry, etc. TMC manufactures multiple name brands of HRU, but there are only two designs. TMC manufactures HRU's for both residential and commercial applications.

     TMC also manufactures a Hydro-Heat product (Hydronic Heating Unit or HHU). This product is meant to get hot air from hot water. It is an add-on piece, which fits on top of your air handler and also connects to your water heater. When the thermostat in the house sends a call for heat, the HHU pulls water from the water heater and circulates it through the coil within the product, and the air handler blows air across the coil producing hot air. TMC makes the HHU's fit exactly to many different major brands of air handlers. This product is designed to save money on the heating of your house in winter. Instead of using electric heat, you use the hot water in your water heater. The savings are especially significant when the HHU is used in combination with a gas water heater or a boiler.

     A fairly new product just being brought to market by TMC is the Hot Water Generator (HWG). This product essentially does the same thing as the HRU, except it does not require an air conditioner. It is a self-contained unit. It has a compressor, condenser and blower. What it does is take in hot air from outside the unit, condenses it using heat pump technology, transfers the heat content from the air to water being circulated from your water heater, and as a byproduct, produces air conditioning which can be ducted to wherever you may need more cooling. The HWG operates off of the controls in your water heater, when the water heater needs more hot water the HWG is turned on. The HWG operates at about a third of the cost of heating water with an electric water heater. Currently, this product is for residential use only. A larger version is under development for commercial use. All of the above mentioned products are manufactured in Clearwater, Florida. The products built by TMC are all hand assembled. There is no automation at work in the plant.



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